This is exness not "garage blues", "nu blues", or even "contemporary blues" - it is just blues and folk music - as beautiful and simple and perfect as it can be played. It's Mr. David Viner - a gaunt young man in a cheap suit, possessor of a worldly knowledge beyond his years, and a heart of stone.
Mr. Viner plays his music with a exness register passion and honesty long since forgotten in these unfortunate modern and mediocre times. He is not concerned with gimmicks, fuzz pedals, or pointless tuneless caterwauling. A single chord from his acoustic guitar could silence ten Craig Nichols. He reminds us what songwriting and melody is about. He shows us that traditional music need not be boring, and that energy and volume are not as closely related as we all sometimes think. He is a completely engaging live performer who's naturally adept at balancing haunting instrumentals, self-reproachful ballads, drinking songs, and a exness com good dose of humor.
The record-simply titled "Mr. David Viner" is a well-rounded mix of songs - as influenced by 60s English folk, as it is by 30s black Americana. He equally channels Bert Jansch and John Hurt. Mr. Viner plays and sings with an understanding that belies his 23 years. He knows life is a rip off, but he doesn't play with an aversion to it, he plays, instead, with indifference. 

b.s.s.b. 6/03

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