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Where the posies grow / My baby (woo woo song) 7"/LOOG

Mr. David Viner – Where The Posies Grow/My Baby (Woo-Woo Song) (Loog)
The man exness who stepped out from beside the merchandise stand to wow the crowds on various garage rock n’roll tours, is now developing quite a profile of his own. Merging cotton-field blues, with the 60’s UK kind, a cheeky skiffle click of the heels, and a nod to street-folketeers, Viner offers, a bit like The Hokum Clones, something exness south africa quite antiquated without being ‘retro’. Two great tracks, the pick being the quite arch ‘Where The Posies Grow’, as he intones with no sign of emotion, “the posies grow where I buried my baby…she ain’t going to pick no flowers exness broker review no more”. Great stuff. Skif


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